how to get internet service provider

how to get internet service provider in 2022

how to get internet service provider

How should we choose the service providers who bring the internet service, which is an indispensable part of our day, to our door?

One of the most important services for most businesses and homes is internet services. While businesses continue their operations over the internet, home users also want to work, have fun and get information with a fast and trouble-free internet. Today, the rapidly increasing use of the internet affects many users negatively, while companies that offer specially configured infrastructure and technology can provide better service.

Exactly for this reason, in our article, we explain how to choose an internet service provider company and what infrastructure and speeds should be suitable for you.

Infrastructure adequacy and scope

Infrastructure and port problems in our country continue to increase day by day. The increase in supply and demand for the internet during the pandemic period negatively affects the internet experience of users.

In addition, improperly configured infrastructures, as we mentioned above, cause problems for users in case of heavy use. Among these problems, speed drop, high latency values, internet disconnection problems can be listed.

For this reason, the internet service provider operator you choose for infrastructure is of great importance.

Apart from GigaFiber and common fiber infrastructure, TurkNet also has VDSL-based internet infrastructure internet service. Many internet service providers offer services by jointly using Türk Telekom’s infrastructure. One of these companies is TurkNet. However, TurkNet, thanks to its own configuration, offers much higher speeds than the average of other operators, and by removing the limited upload speed, it provides a free internet service for every user.

how to get internet service provider

TurkNet installs its own devices, which are equipped with the latest technology and are optimized to work best in Turkish conditions, in Türk Telekom switchboards, so they take the data flow into their active infrastructure after the switchboard.

If you are wondering what infrastructure is available at your address, “ How to Make TurkNet Infrastructure Query? You can take a look at our article.

Which operator offers how much speed?

Although many operators’ fiber services previously offered high speeds, today it is limited to 100 Mbps in many homes and apartments. If you are lucky, you can get packages that support 200 Mbps packets (if there is a termination device that supports 200 Mbps distribution in the building). However, the 200 Mbps package can still be purchased with great effort, it is not offered to old customers.

how to get internet service provider

Among these companies, TurkNet offers 1000 Mbps speed to homes as well as businesses with its fiber infrastructure, which it calls GigaFiber. In addition, thanks to its specially configured infrastructure, this speed is also reflected in the upload speeds. A modem that supports 1000 Mbps speed is also given to users free of charge in the package. Moreover, TurkNet offers internet service for 99.90 TL in all infrastructures including GigaFiber.

TurkNet stands out with its Özgür İletişim Fiber 100 package, apart from its packages with a speed of 1000 Mbps . By receiving service in fiber infrastructure, with the service offered to customers in the fiber infrastructure of the incumbent operator, with downloads up to 100 Mbps; You can enjoy your unlimited, commitment-free, high-performance internet.

To find out which infrastructure is available at your address, you can query your infrastructure right here .

TurkNet is also the fastest internet service provider on Netflix compared to the country average, and the second fastest internet service provider on Steam .


For an internet service provider to be meaningful to the customer, it must have a good balance between speed and price. For example, if you are running a small business from your home, if you are a Twitch broadcaster, if you need to upload constantly, you do not want to spend thousands of dollars on world-class speeds.

In addition to these expenses, you may also be faced with rising prices when you make a commitment and expire. Presenting new campaigns to old customers in many countries, as in our country, is not something we are used to. In addition, being charged more than the value is also one of the negative situations.

how to get internet service provider

I would like to summarize the situation that happened to me in this regard. After using a 100 Mbps fiber package from an A company for 2 years, when I called for a contract renewal, I found out that the price increased more than 2 times to 369 liras. They said the reason was infrastructure costs. However, company B, using the infrastructure of the same company, offered less than half of the amount offered to me for the same service. This price may sound good, but a service that can be offered at this cost is offered by Company A for 369 TL. In addition, company B offers a 1-year commitment for this price. So the same scenario will work again afterwards.

Again, the prominent company in this regard is TurkNet. Speeds offered with both shared and own infrastructures are offered at reasonable prices. Company A, which I mentioned above, came to me with an offer of 369 TL for 100 Mbps fiber internet, while TurkNet offers GigaFiber internet, which can offer 1000 Mbps download and upload speeds, for 99.90 TL. Also , no commitment .

What’s next to internet service

We touched on the infrastructure, speed and cost issues that are important when choosing an internet service provider. If we gave some idea under the basic headings, let’s talk about the pluses offered next to internet services.

Many large internet service providers in our country cover some withdrawal fees when switching from different operators. However, there are companies that offer significant advantages as well.

TurkNet is the most popular of the companies that offer these important advantages. In addition to the promise of affordable prices and high speed, the company has advantages such as a 30-day money-back guarantee , certain speed guarantees on certain infrastructures , and the absence of commitment .

In addition to this, TurkNet offers a win-win strategy with the Bring Your Friend campaign, and presents 1 month free internet to both the new customer and the inviting customer with the invitation code it gives to its existing customers . In this way, both new customers and existing customers are gained. Those who do not have TurkNet friends can benefit from the campaign by obtaining the relevant code from the invitation code page prepared

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