How to Fix iMessage FaceTime iCloud on Hackintosh

How 2 Fix iMessage FaceTime iCloud on Hackintosh

How to Fix iMessage FaceTime iCloud on Hackintosh

One of the most common problems with hackintoshes is the inability to use services such as iCloud and iMessage. You will find solutions in this article.

Why does this problem occur

Actually, there are two main reasons:

  1. Apple computers store many cookies in the device’s BIOS. This causes many problems with Hackintoshes, because the operating system assumes that information is there and cannot start the system without that information.      This problem can be overcome by making some SMBIOS adjustments to the system. In this way, the operating system believes that it is running on a real Mac and that all the information it needs is where it should be. However,.     Apple’s services want to read the serial number of the motherboard. Since they can’t do this on Hackintoshes, the programs crash.
  2. Another problem is the naming of OS X for network interfaces. Hackintoshes use a huge range of wireless cards. That’s why some of them may not be compatible with OS X and Apple’s services.

Solve the problem with Clover

Recent versions of Clover automatically add the motherboard serial number to the system, which saves you most of the time. Make sure you are using the latest version of Clover icloud.

The second problem can be solved with automatic DSDT patches. These patches can be activated using the Clover Configurator. Click to download Clover Configurator.

After downloading the Clover Configurator program, open your EFI partition by saying Mount EFI. Clover Configurator will read the Config file here.

Now all you have to do is place the DSDT file you downloaded in the  EFI/CLOVER/ACPI/patched folder and enter the name of the DSDT.aml file from the Clover Configurator interface in the DSDT section and save it.

If you are using a wired connection: Apply the FixLAN patch in the Old Way DSDT Patches section under the ACPI tab.

For wireless connection: Use Wifi or FixAirport icloud options.

Save your config file and restart the computer. You will need to reconfigure your connection after the device restarts. Delete your existing connection first.

You can find the connection settings in the System Preferences>Networking directory.

Don’t forget to name it ” en0 ” when re-adding your link .

Solve the problem using Chameleon or Chimera icloud

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Google Pixelbook Go

Chameleon does this fix in a slightly more complex way, and it seems to only work on wired networks.

First we need to download the NVRAM module. You can download it by clicking here. After the download is finished, open the folder and move the FileNVRAM.dylib file inside to the /Extra/modules directory.

If a “modules” folder does not exist, create it. This will fix the serial number problem.

Coming to the network issue, you can also fix it using Chameleon Wizard. Download and install Chameleon Wizard. Open the program and go to the org.chameleon.boot tab. Check Ethernet Built-In under Miscellaneous, then restart your computer.

After the computer boots up, delete and re-add your existing connection as you did in the other solution and name it “ en0 ”.

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