Apple Watch Could Detect Covid-19

Apple Watch Could Detect Covid-19 in 2022

Apple Watch Could Covid-19

Apple Watch seems to be able to help users with early of Covid-19.

Researches conducted by Mount Sinai Health System (New York) and Stanford University (California) have revealed that other smart watches such as Apple Watch and Fitbit can detect Covid-19 1 week before symptoms begin .

It is underlined that the Apple smartwatch has the ability to detect small changes in the heartbeat, which can potentially lead to Covid-19. According to the research, the smartwatch can detect this as early as 7 days .

Apple Watch measures heart rate variability, which measures the interval between each heartbeat. However, the same measure is also affected by inflammation in a person’s body. At this point, it is stated that inflammation and Covid reading may be similar. It is also among the information that users with Covid patients may see reduced heart rate variability, which suggests small differences between heartbeats.

The research was based on monitoring of 300 healthcare workers who wore Apple Watches between April 29 and September 29 . Stanford University also conducted a study where participants used different smartwatches such as Apple Watch, Fitbit and Garmin . The study revealed that 81 percent of the participants had their heart rhythms increased about 9.5 days before symptoms appeared .

Apple Watch Could Detect Covid-19Also, almost two-thirds of cases were detected 4 to 7 days before Covid-19 symptoms began to appear. It is shared that this study was conducted with more than 5,000 participants .

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